Automated accounting with Lobasoft

automated accounting Lobasoft

Lobasoft software has been an in-house program our accountants from Tezaurus have been developing and using for more than two decades. And these very accountants know there is so much excess, dull, and time-consuming labor that one could easily avoid with the right automated accounting. That’s why they took an extra step in making sure Lobasoft not only provides tools for easier and more detailed accounting but also brings the engine ensuring the increase of an accountant’s quality of life. Especially if there is more than one client to take care of.

Powerful engine for automated accounting

Our software uses a unique accounting engine that streamlines working with taxes. Such wise, all you need to do is to input raw financial data, and it will do the rest, no matter if it’s PIT, Social Security, corporate or VAT taxes. We make sure all percentages and formulas are up-to-date and compliant with the current Lithuanian laws and regulations.

If you regularly update the entries, you can forget about manual work on tax returns. They will generate automatically, no matter whether it’s a monthly VAT return or an annual corporate tax return. This might take a great load off your hands if you work with many clients at once. All you’ll have to do is to check whether everything is right.

Another good news is that with us you won’t have to input much of the money flow data. Invoices for any transaction can be compiled using the Lobasoft software and then sent to the customer for payment. This means all of the invoicing data done this way will go straight to bookkeeping by default. We can even adjust the system to collect data from the POS like cash registries. Besides less manual work, you would have access to accurate financial information for every day of the financial year.

Integrations for automated accounting

Automated accounting mentioned above would be just a half-measure if we didn’t make sure the software could work with banks, The Tax Inspectorate (VMI), and the Social Security (SODRA).

First of all, integration with banks allows for all the mentioned transactions to be properly registered in the system. But then, you can also export bank statements through Lobasoft without the need to access e-banking. Uploading any outgoing payments for banks through our system is also part of the deal.

Social Security (SODRA) integration is essential for PIT tax and other payroll calculations. Use it to define the health-related tax status of employees and take care of sick- and other leave calculations. With this integration, you can upload reports on social security contributions, terminations, and notifications of employment to SODRA. There is even no need to leave the program page!

Finally, there is the Tax Inspectorate (VMI) integration. Use it for a simple centralized upload of all tax return reports and lists of all issued and received invoices.

Combined with the ability to use Lobasoft from anywhere, the automated accounting tools will bring your accounting job to the next level of comfort and efficiency!